The Resource Center is made available for members to gain a better understanding of classic stamps and postal history. It contains extensive reference material which are easily accessible via various tools, some of which are highlighted below.

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Search every quarterly edition of the USPCS Web Chronicle, all the way back to Issue 1 in 1948, for an article of interest. Here you will find a wealth of in-depth information, along with illustrations, on nearly every classic stamp and postal history-related subject. Go to Web Chronicle >.

And to assist you in your research, we have created a “Simple Guide to Using the Web Chronicle” available as a PDF to help you get started searching and/or browsing full issues and/or specific articles, keywords, authors, etc. Enjoy!

A Simple Guide To Using The Web Chronicle

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The Stamp & Cover Repository & Analysis Program (SCRAP) is a unique Society effort to get philatelic fakes, frauds, and forgeries off the market while retaining them for study and reference. Go to SCRAP. >

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An archive that contains digital scans and PDF’s of The Chairman’s Chatter, the quarterly newsletter of the Society. Go to Chairman’s Chatter >.

Search the Postal Conventions to which the United States was a party before the General Postal Union or “GPU” (later, the Universal Postal Union or “UPU”).  Most of these conventions were copied from the United States Statutes at Large, Volumes 16, 17, and 18. Go to Postal Conventions >

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Search The U.S. Postal Laws and Regulations. The U.S. Postal Laws and Regulations (PL&Rs) are periodic publications produced from 1794 to 1948 that contained the laws and regulations that governed the U.S. Post Office Department. They have been recently made available in a searchable digitized format. It is recommended that first time users of this PL&R search site first read the PL&R FAQs found on the menu bar of the site. Go to the U.S. Postal Laws & Regulations >