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Society Survey indicates Member Preferences for Enhancing the Website


In December 2014, the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society Board of Directors met to review options for improving the website to make it more appealing to members, increase traffic, and to help recruit new members. Subsequent to that, directors Gordon Eubanks and Mark Schwartz designed a short survey that could be administered on-line via SurveyMonkey. On January 15, 2015, an email was sent to 733 regular members and 126 Life members.

After 2-3 days the number of responses reached 345, an excellent response rate of over 40%. At this point, the analysis contained in the report was done. While the response rate eventually reached 48%, a review of the additional data indicated that did not have a meaningful effect on the results.

Prior to the annual meeting at WestPex, the Board will meet again to discuss the results of the survey and to recommend the steps that will be taken to continue to improve our website and make it more valuable to our members.

  USPCS_Website_Survey_20150205.pdf (468.2 KiB, 365 hits)

Ongoing USPCS Efforts Require Dues Adjustment.

2015-01-25… Beginning with the USPCS dues mailing 1 May, 2015:

(1) The Annual Membership dues will be raised to $35 per year.  The additional mailing fee for International members will increase to $16 per year.

(2) New Life Memberships will continue to be offered but will be raised to $1000; with existing Life memberships remaining unchanged, of course. Life Members will need to confirm, either by email or by returning a form sent out in May, whether they wish to receive the Chronicle and Chatter in hard copy, or ONLY through the USPCS website (as the Web Chronicle).

(3) International members will have an option of a non-paper/web-only subscription to the Chronicle and Chatter, without the $16 additional mailing fee. The Web Chronicle version will be available approximately 30 days after the paper publication date.

Watch for your dues mailer in early May 2015.

There are several reasons for these increases.  Since our latest price increase in 2003, inflation has risen 30% and the Chronicle now costs $7+ more per member than current dues, despite our many cost containment efforts. In addition, we have dramatically increased what we provide to our members. We have:

  • Changed to a full-color Chronicle, and expanded from 80 to 104 pages
  • Increased our website content by 10,000%
  • Made the Web Chronicle available in searchable digital form
  • Improved the speed and access of our web resources
  • Added numerous collections to the web site
  • Posted 18 well known philatelic reference books on the site as e-Books
  • Sponsored several Young Philatelic leaders
  • Had The Chronicle of the U.S. Classic Postal Issues recognized as one of the leading philatelic journals by the international community.

Most of these projects were accomplished by the generous donations of our members, without which they could not have been accomplished.  Special thanks to those donors.

The USPCS Honors its 2013-14 Award Recipients.

2014-AUG-03… The USPCS Honors is 2013-14 Award Receipts. The Stanley B. Ashbrook Cup is awarded to authors of articles, books, or other studies concerning United States postal history from the Colonial Period to 1894. This year it is presented to Oscar M. Thomas for “The Western Express Companies, 1850-1890”.

The Dr. Carroll Chase Cup is awarded to authors of articles, books, or other studies concerning United States stamps issued prior to 1894 including postmaster’s provisionals, locals, carriers, and back-of-the book material.  This year the Chase Cup is presented to Mark Scheuer for his work on updating and digitizing the Alexander census of the U.S. 1847 issue.

The Tracy Simpson Cup is awarded for outstanding service to the Society, and this year is awarded to Richard Celler for his multi-year recruiting efforts.  We are thankful for the gifts of his talent and dedication.

The Susan M. McDonald award is bestowed annually by the Section Editors of the Chronicle of the U.S. Classic Postal Issues and recognizes articles about United States classic postal history published in a given Chronicle volume.  This year it is awarded to Wade E. Saadi for his article on the five printings of the five cent 1847 issue (Chronicle 237).

The Distinguished Philatelist Award is bestowed for exceptionally meritorious service to U.S. philately through published research, award-winning collections, active participation in the organization and promotion of philatelic exhibitions and sustained administrative service to the national or international organizations which further United States philately.  This year Wade E. Saadi has the honor.  It is with pleasure that the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society acknowledges the exceptional contributions to philately by Wade E. Saadi by honoring him as a Distinguished Philatelist.

Lanman & Kemp Costa Rica’s Correspondence Published

2014-JUN-27… A recent article appeared at by Francisco Pérez who tapped into the USPCS Lanman and Kemp Archive Collection and published his original research on the “Lanman & Kemp” Costa Rica’s Correspondence. YOu can find the article HERE. The Society urges you to inquire about the items we have on file in the Archive and we would be happy to share digital images with you for your research projects.

The Greater Philadelphia Chapter discusses License and Royalty Stamps

2013-NOV-16…The fourth meeting of the Greater Philadelphia chapter of the USPCS was held. Members met at the Community Room at Hershey’s Mill in West Chester (thanks to Bill Schultz). Eric Jackson, the new Regional VP for Pennsylvania and Delaware, spoke to all about License and Royalty stamps, something akin to Revenues. These were colorful and fascinating stamps, issued not by the U.S. government, but by one business to another, to show that the license fee or royalty for a patented item had been paid. Eric showed not only a wide variety of “off-item” stamps, but in some cases the stamps were still on the item patented, such as linen shirt collars or shoes (reflecting a patent on a manufacturing procedure). A very enjoyable presentation, where we saw items that most of us had never seen, and possibly didn’t even know existed.

C of C Winning Eubanks Exhibit on First Federally Issued Postage Stamps now Online!

2013-11-07…The award-winning Champion of Champions exhibit by Gordon Eubanks on “First Federally Issued Postage Stamps” has been posted in the Resource Center under Philatelic Exhibits. Drop by to view this fantastic exhibit and many others today.

PRIMER: Finding Members with Similar Interests to Yours

We’ve been asked by members how they can search the website to find other members who share their interests. With the development of the new USPCS website, this is fairly straightforward. When you log in, you will see a menu on the left. Click on “Member’s Menu” and you will be taken to a page called “Members Section”. At the left, click on the old fashioned telephone for “Directories”. On the right of the new page you will see a group of 3c 1851 stamps entitled “Collecting Interests.” Click on that and you will see the Directory at the bottom of the page. It has a search box above it, where you can put whatever your interest is, and it will find all members with the same interest.

Remember, it can only search for the interest that members have added to their own profiles. If you have not already done so, please go to your profile and add your interests. Finding members who share your interests can lead to new friendships and new information about what you love to collect. And it can also tell you who might be bidding against you at auction :).

C of C Winning Cipolla Exhibit on Distribution Of The Printed Word now Online!

2013-May-31…The award-winning exhibit by Roland H. Cipolla on “How the Post Facilitated Distribution of the Printed Word 1775-1870” has been posted in the Resource Center under Philatelic Exhibits. Drop by to view this fantastic exhibit and many others today.

STOLEN FROM THE MAILS: Genuinely used Hussey 87L5 cover

2013-May-12…Stolen from the Mails: Genuinely used Hussey 87L5 cover with good PFC, stamp tied with local post handstamp. Stolen from Registered Mail, likely at a NYC/NJ sort facility. If someone tries to sell it to you, buy it for $100 please. Larry Lyons or I will reimburse you. Thanks, Gordon Stimmell, USPCS Section Editor. Email at

87L5 stolen cover

Pictures from St. Louis Annual Meeting Posted

2013-APL-22…Pictures from the St. Louis Stamp Show and Society Annual Meeting, Awards Ceremony & Dinner posted on the Web site under Past Events. Enjoy!

PRIMER: A Simple Guide to Using the Web Chronicle posted.

The Society has posted a simple guide with screen captures on how to use the Web Chronicle “Search” and “Browse” features for all. Please go to the Web Chronicle Search and Browse pages today and review the PDF guide. The hope is that this primer will assist all researchers in locating over 60+ years of primary research articles contained within our award-winning journal. Enjoy!

Award-Winning Trade Routes of Salem, MA Exhibit Posted

2013-Feb-25…The award-winning exhibit by Mark Schwartz on “Ship Letters sent along the Trade Routes of Salem, Massachusetts: 1787-1837” has been posted in the Resource Center under Philatelic Exhibits. Drop by to view this and many other exhibits today.