This section of the web site is provided for Society Members in good standing. The Members Domain is the Society’s online meeting place for sharing unpublished philatelic manuscripts, studies in progress, exhibits, and presentations and much more!

One of the key features of this site is the ability to access all past issues of our award winning Society publication, The Chronicle of the U.S. Classic Postal Issues – in this digital environment referred to as the Web Chronicle. This includes nearly 20,000 pages of important articles and research, which can be readily searched, browsed and printed for personal use. This access is just a few clicks away, under the heading “Resource Center“. You can also access the current and many past issues of The Chairman’s Chatter, the Society’s quarterly newsletter. Other important features of the Members Domain include: a listing of earliest documented uses (EDUs); a number of full-color exhibits; and access to the Stamp and Cover Repository Analysis Program (SCRAP) archive, containing hundreds of scans of fake stamps and postal history.

This Domain will also be your one stop for obtaining the most current Membership Directory, other Member’s E-mails, Web Pages, Collecting Interests, Research Interests, and Member-Dealers. All these files are easily viewable and dynamic. So visit your profile and update it today!

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