The American Stampless Cover Catalog (ASCC) has long been the standard reference catalog of postal markings of the United States and early territories from the 1700s through the Civil War period. While its foundations are from the pre-stamp era, the catalog remains an invaluable resource for postal markings that were used up to about 1870.

Under the leadership of David G. Phillips, the catalog has grown to three volumes. Volume I covers pre-territorial, territorial and statehood markings arranged by state. Volume II contains official, semi-official and privately applied markings including locals, express companies, maritime and inland waterways, way markings, and free franks. Telegraph covers, Confederate States of America, American Colonial Period, Mexican War and auxiliary stampless markings are listed and priced in Volume III.

In 2005, the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Inc. purchased all rights to the ASCC from David G. Phillips Publishing Co., Inc. and Van Koppersmith was appointed as the Editor to lead the effort of future publications.


Donors who have helped to fund the publication of a future edition of the ASCC are, in alphabetical order, as follows:

Alexander, Thomas
Allen, James
Amonette, William F.
Barwis, John
Bennett, Matthew
Biales, Bernard
Crosby, Joseph
Forster, Jeffrey
Hagendorf, Sony
Hall, Alexander
Hazelton, Bruce
Hegland, Robert
Hines, Edward
Hulme, W. Wilson
Keiser, Richard
Kimbrough, JOhn
Koppersmith, Van
Kramer, George
Littauer, Dwayne O.
Lund, Rob
Markovitz, Robert
McDaniel, William
Milgram, James
Mirsky, Harvey
O’Reilly, Michaekl
Perlman, Michael
Peterson, Charles
Piller, Stanley
Rasmussen, Norval
Robbins, Gerald
Saadi, Wade E.
Shreve, Charles
Siskin, Edward
Skinner, Hubert
Souder, Charles
Stilwell Walker, Patricia
Sutherland (Freemans)
Taff, James
Trepel, Scott
Wallm Phillip
Warman, Philip
Weber, Roy P.
Winter, Richard F.
Wright, John